Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Pinterest Tale...

Let me start today's Random Thoughts with a question:  Do you Pinterest? If you don't, let me ask a follow-up question:  What rock have you been living under (and is there room for me)? Think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board, where you can "pin" various items. You can set up a board for your interests (I have 40) and you can also see the boards of your friends. It can be a wonderful resource if you're crafty, love to cook, love fashion or love cats. It can be very addicting.

I use Pinterest as an inspiration tool (as a jewelry artist, sometimes you just need to see other people's work), though I love the amount of sarcasm and funnies I can find on there as well. The amount of cat pictures also allows me to be a virtual hoarder of cats, thus keeping me from being the crazy cat lady in our neighborhood.

Earlier today I was thinking about a pin I pinned a few weeks ago. It was some instructions for a DIY project and I was ready to look at the instructions more carefully. So I looked at the board I pinned it to based on logic. Was it there? Nope. Okay, there is another logical board, check that one. Nope, not there either. BLAST! Where could it be?

It was at this moment I started to think more carefully about my supposed pin. It was originally a blog (just like the one you're reading now, except more organized and sane). Maybe I never pinned it...nah. I'm all about pinning things when I see them (or so I thought). Maybe I should take a look at my internet browser history.

Ding ding ding! It was a blog (masses rejoice)...and I had not actually pinned it (masses boo in unison). Well, this sucker is NOT getting away from me this time. I pinned it not once, but twice, in both logical places.

Now for the next hurdle...talking my husband into the project.

Happy Pinning Y'all
Until Tomorrow - Melissa

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