Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Buy Handmade

This last Christmas, there was a movement to shop local and/or on a specific Saturday.  Why does it have to be just Christmas?  Can’t we support our local business’s and artisans/craftsman every day of the year?  It is said you have to be the change you want to become.  I want to help heal our economy.  I want to make the situation better for my neighbors.  I want to help craftsman and artisans like myself.  In that vein, I have been buying more items that are handmade, not from Wal-Mart.

How does a small business, craftsman, and artisan get the word out about their product?  Word of mouth…or in this case word of blog.  I am going to list some people I buy from.  In return, I ask that you check them out and add to the list in the comment section.  Let’s help our fellow American’s to grow their businesses.

Lampwork Beads:
Maybeads: Whimsical Animal Beads
Bastille Blue:  Beautiful Beads including Angry Birds
Denise Annette:  Great Animal Beads.  Check out her Owls!
Chrysalis Jewelry: Of course I have to list myself
Runes of Ragnarok: For your inner Viking
Danielle Jewelry:  Classy Wedding rings
SM Studio: Steampunk Jewelry
Madcap Heiress:  High fashion jewelry
Sun Basil Garden Soap:  Unique Soap
Cute Assesories:
The Joyful Princess:  Great kids accessories
Allie Cat Designs: Infinity Scarfs and accessories
Forgotten Cotton: Infinity Scarfs and headware
Miss Ivy Originals: Great Crochet itmes
Until Tomorrow - Melissa


  1. I agree that buying handmade shouldn't be restricted to one time of year! Mr. Sequin and I try to buy from local stores, and we make a lot of our own stuff -- like baked goods.

    I wish she had a website. A friend makes handmade shoes, and I'm thinking, next time I need a new pair I might go to her. One of the best things about handmade is that it's often custom-made!

  2. Thank you for mentioning our store in your shop. I really appreciate your support of the handmade movement! I also agree! Here is another AWESOME shop with a fantastic owner:

    Paperface Studio
    Handmade Jewelry and accessories:

    Sol Doggie
    Quality Long Hair Feather Extensions, Rooster Feathers

    Spread the love!
    Elizabeth R

  3. Sarah - I agree getting handmade stuff often means custom, which I LOVE! I have had some clothing made for myself and talk about fitting like a glove!

    Elizabeth - PERFECT! I can't wait to check out the stores you recommended.

  4. So kind of you to include my shop in your blog! I completely agree, we should support handmade shops year round. I think that having something handmade is great because many times it's a "one of a kind" item or a great conversation piece. And on top of that, the items usually last longer than store-bought commercial items!

    I'm fairly new to Etsy and have found so many "I want it's" and "gotta have its" as well as meeting so many talented individuals.

    This was a lovely suprise!
    Thank you again!
    Kim~The Joyful Princess Boutique