Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Wild and Crazy Idea

I recently started to focus on my jewelry business full time (enter shameless plug… ) and I have a found so much support and help from the on line communities of Etsy, Twitter and Facebook.  It’s like this giant high five and hug all in one.  I have told so many people how awesome it is to have so much support and encouragement.

Tonight as I was seeing who I owed on twitter (shameless plug two @melissacreamer ), I was thinking to myself how great and positive twitter is.  However, it occurred to me, my experience is positive because I stay completely out of politics.  I feel as a business owner, I need to stay clear of voicing my opinion.  I do not want alienate possible customers.

Just for the record and full disclosure I would like to state that I am a conservative/libertarian that votes republican.  Before you stop reading my blog (leaving my mother as my only fan) and calling me a bunch of names, please hear me out.

What would happen if we all encouraged each other?  What would happen if we would see each other as fellow Americans…or heck...even humans?  What would happen instead of instantly attacking and insulting, we listened to the other’s position?  What would happen if we all understood a good compromise is where NO ONE is happy with the outcome, but it’s the best solution because it’s balanced?  What would happen if we turn off all the talking heads on the 24 news cycle and talked to each other?

I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can not tell you what would happen.  Wouldn’t it be fun to try?

Just a thought…they are after all RANDOM on this blog.

Until tomorrow - Melissa


  1. I'm on the opposite end of the political spectrum, and I have to say, I'd love it if we could take the venom out of politics! It seems like politicians of any affiliation act like a bunch of squabbling children, and I can't see how that accomplishes anything.

    That said, I'm probably going to stick my head in the sand come election time. I still struggle with revealing certain aspects of myself -- this carries over into my non-Internet world, too!

  2. Squabbling Children - you are so right. They are more concerned about getting re-elected then serving the public. I'm tired of the all! Arg! That being said, I feel I have to cast my vote for the better (lesser??) of two evils each election season. Alice Paul and other suffragettes went through too much and fought too hard for me not to vote. Alice Paul....might be a future blog topic.

    I find myself "biting my tongue" a lot anymore. You can't voice an opinion without being attacked. We all need to take a chill pill and realize we are all entitled to our opinion. Our founding fathers didn't agree on everything. We don't have to either.