Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Repurposing - More Grand Ideas!

Y'all seem to be enjoying my ideas on repurposing.  I am enjoying blogging about it, so why stop the fun?  I am totally addicted to Pinterest (feel free to follow me at )  What does Pinterest have to do with repurposing?  There are tons of very creative people in this world and some of them are kind enough to share their repurposing ideas there.  I'd like to share a few of my favorites.  Here we go!
Here is a great idea for repurposing wooden pallets.  I think these shelves add a great primitive look to the wall (I love primitives, which is going to be a future blog).  What a great way to give a pallet new life.  The tree has already been cut down, why not reuse the wood?

Another pallet idea, turn them into shelves! I wish I had the space to do this.  This would be great for a craft room!  Think of all the supplies that could be stored in these.
Want to give your bathroom an update but have a tight budget?  What a cute medicine cabinet this vintage bag makes!  I can see this in a guest bath or half bath!

These vintage suitcases make an adorable nightstand.  This also doubles as great storage.  What a great way to get items out of sight.  I can even see a vintage trunk as the base.

LOVE this idea!  Turn an old door into a full length mirror.  What a great way to transform what would normally be a plain mirror into a conversation piece.

Another door repurposing idea.  Turn a vintage or antique door into a coffee table.  Spice this idea up with a couple of vintage suitecases under the table for additional storage!
Who doesn't need a cork board?  Why settle for an ordinary one when you can make on out of wine corks.  If you don't drink but still think this idea is cute, I suggest you ask your wine drinking friends to save corks for you.  You may even approach your favorite mom and pop restaurant to save corks for you as well (remember - help your neighbors out by shopping and eating at small businesses!)
Wine cork wreath.  Yet another way to reuse wine corks.
Repurpose an old or broke rake into a glass holder! I've also see old racks used as a hat rack.  
Last but not least, an idea to repurpose vintage door locks.  Turn them into a design element or hooks.  I love the bold colors on these.  Designer hint: if you do this, be sure to do this in odds (as demonstrated with three). I don't know why, but groups of odds typically look better.

Happy repurposing!  I hope today's blog gives you some ideas on how to add a few repurpose touches to your humble abode.  When you do, I'd love to see some pictures of your masterpieces.

Until Tomorrow - melissa

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