Monday, April 16, 2012

Repurposing – Your Turn

In my last blog, I talked about repurposing, taking something and using it for another purpose than originally intended.  Specifically I talked about taking antique and vintage items and giving them a new life and purpose

Sometimes I will find an item, know it’s super cool and want to repurpose it, but occasionally it takes me a while to figure out exactly what to do with it.  Case in point: Last year I found an awesome salvaged window.  It was octagonal in shape with the original frosted glass in a stained glass style (but it was all clear glass).  It was one of those items that spoke to me and I couldn’t leave it in the antique store.  

I got the window home and it sat in a corner for months. I knew that I wanted to hang it on the wall and I knew I wanted to put a light or lights behind it.  What I could not figure out was how to do what I wanted to do without adding or subtracting from the original antique.

When it comes to antiques, I HATE to do anything that I feel destroys or damages the antique.  Sometimes antiques are too far gone and can only be used for the parts.  I’m okay with that.  I didn’t damage it, but I can still give what exists a second life. But if it’s in my power to keep the antique original and whole, that is what I do.  I stewed over my window solution for months.

Then, early one morning the solution came to me.  Cut a piece of wood to fit just inside the window.  On the top of this “inside” octagon make a shelf for the window to hang on (think floating shelves).  Then I could attach colored Christmas lights to this inside piece of wood.  I was so excited about finally solving my puzzle I went running into my husband’s room to tell him.  I can tell you he was not nearly as excited as I was at that particular moment, but he came around as he always does.
 The window

With the lights on. This picture does not do it justice!

So my octagonal window problem is solved, but Dear Reader, I have another problem.  I was starting to puzzle over it tonight when I decided that it would be fun to get your input.  Here’s my problem:  I have some old shoe forms that I want to use as book ends.  The shoe forms are for women’s heels, so the heel part of the form is not level with the ball part.

I would like to have the forms positioned as they would be if they were inserted in a pair of shoes, so I need to figure out a visually interesting object that is about 3.5 inches tall to put under them.

Here’s my challenge:  If these were your shoe forms, what would you put under them?  I’d love to hear your ideas!  They say two minds are better than one.  I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

Until tomorrow - Melissa 

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