Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Handmade Wednesday featuring Shantastic Shine

Handmade Wednesday

by Melissa Creamer, Crafter of Chrysalis Jewelry

Welcome to Handmade Wednesday. Each Wednesday, I will feature a crafter or artist you should know about! Are you ready to see who I have picked for this week? Let's get started.

This week I am featuring Shantastic Shine. Artist Shannon features just a little of everything in her eclectic collection from art to jewerlry. Lets find out about Shannon!

MC - Tell us a little bit about your handmade business
SS - I sell a little bit of everything handmade at Shantastic Shine. My own work includes my artwork which is mostly done in acrylic paints or professional style paint markers. As far as artwork I do take commissions when I have time to work on them in my studio.

I also do a lot of hemp work and customized jewelry. I macramĂ© over 20 necklaces and create dozens of custom orders a week to provide a customized experience and to get just what my customers are looking for. 

MC - How long have you been in business?

SS - I started selling things in my highschool years around 2008. I officially opened Shantastic Shine in 2010 after moving home from College in Pittsburgh to my hometown of Cumberland, Maryland. Where I currently am located and travel the surrounding areas for shows and events.

MC - Did your business start as a hobby?

SS - My little business started as a hobby but I knew I wanted to do something art related with my life.  I enjoy sharing my ideas and love of all things arts and crafts with anyone interested in custom work. I knew a normal 9-5 job just wasn’t for me and my heart belonged in an art studio! I started making things for friends and family and before I knew it I had strangers calling for gifts and handmade jewelry, and so it began!

MC - Where do you get your design inspiration from?

SS-Colors, and Music. I try to use a lot of “color theory” in my work. Since art has been taken less seriously in my local schools than I think it should be I have noticed many people I talk to often don’t realize what colors mix to make which anymore.  I often use the idea of colors like red and blue to make purple and use them on multiple canvas’ as well as blend them in my art whether it be painting or jewelry combinations.

I also use music a lot as motivation. A line in a song could inspire an entire painting for me. Or a rhythm behind a catchy chorus could become the idea for a new pattern for a background image.

 MC - Tell us about a piece you designed that you are still blown away by 

SS-One of my bar far favorite pieces is a stone wire wrap I made a few years ago. I loved it so much I still have it and wear it almost daily. It has gotten me so many compliments and I would like to believe sales. It has a Smokey Quartz,
amethyst tourmaline and a few other small stones mixed into it.  Since I have made it I have made several similar with custom stone requests for customers. They are time consuming but one of my favorite projects to make for people because they usually have special meanings for the stones they choose.

MC - What is the one thing you have learned by trial and error that you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you started?

SS-Not everyone appreciates things as much as someone else. I often try to make everyone happy or appeal to a wide variety of people. I have taught myself to create things that I think SOMEONE will like and not EVERYONE that way when that someone finds it , it means even more to them and they will truly appreciate it.

MC - Spread the love. Tell us about another handmade business you adore.

SS-I truly admire Shirley over at the Orange Windmill or Tree’s Hide. 
She creates some very awesome leather bound books as well as other little leather accessories. I have received an amazing little green leatherbound mini journal that I have been scribbling my ideas in ever since. It’s very nicely made and I can’t wait to get another one soon!

MC - Free style. Tell me about anything I forgot to ask.

SS-I am currently trying to reach 1,200 friends/fans on my facebook.
Once I get to 1,200 friends I will be running a contest for either a Necklace, a painting, or a $20 gift card for ShantasticShine OR maybe ALL THREE.
ALSO get free shipping in my etsy shop if you use this code : SHANTASTICSHIPFREE  

Thanks Shannon for dropping by for Handmade Wednesday and sharing your art with us! Be sure to tune in next week to see who is featured next!
Until Tomorrow

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