Saturday, June 1, 2013

Topaz: Let's talk 'bout it

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Hello followers, surfers, passers-by, and general audiences.

My name is Chris and I am Chrysalis Jewelry's new Intern. Melissa has asked me to guest blog on her Random Thoughts.

Previously, you have most likely read a post on several varieties of quartz, how common the stuff is, how clever marketing buzzwords can be used to inflate its apparent value, etc.

Today, I will guide you on a wondrous journey of discovery, to see the beauty in the seemingly mundane.

Ladies, Gentlemen, unknown life-forms reading this in the future, I give you....


Doesn't look very exciting, does it?
If you agreed with that inquiry, then you're obviously not a nerd.  Or a geologist.

It's a fluorine aluminum silicate!  It comes in many different colors, like these!

And this!

And even this!

But its pure form is colorless.  Any colors are caused by impurities.

Oh, and sometimes it sits around in quartz veins.  If you're a miner, find those veins and multitask!

It rates an 8 on the Moh's Hardness Scale, by the way.  Kinda impressive actually.

Fun fact: The Romans dedicated topaz to Jupiter.  Probably the Roman god Jupiter, but here's the planet for giggles.

So remember.  The next time you need a gift for a gem geek, nerd or your lady friend, give them Topaz.  Tell them it symbolizes Jupiter or something.  There is a 16.384% chance that your nerd friend will appreciate that.  Trust me, I'm a nerd.

Thank you for your time.  Go out into the world, and use this knowledge to make it better, or at least more interesting.

P.S.  Despite what your crazy hippie neighbors tell you, dolphins do not have magical powers.
Until Tomorrow


  1. What a fun, and interesting post! Gotta say I'm in love with Topaz now. ;)

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    1. I am so glad you enjoyed Chris's take on Topaz! I think he did an excellent job with his first blog. Thanks for reading Michael!

  3. tell it like it is Chris...nice informative article...but rainbows and unicorns still have magical powers...right?
    :D Kate

    1. Maybe, but it's all about the Narwhals if you ask me.