Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady Pt 1

I have five cats.  It started with Yoda 12 years ago when we moved to Dallas.  She was a tiny cute little black kitty from a rescue organization.  Shortly after Yoda we rescued a tuxedo kitty we named Obi Wan Catobie (Yes, I am a geek, catch up here).  Unfortunately, Obi only lived a few years. He developed an illness the vet couldn't treat. 
Miss Yoda on the FIOS box, where you can normally find her

About five years ago, my husband and I went to Missouri for his younger brother's wedding.  Aaron's parents have a number of farm cats and at the time they had a lot of tuxedo kitties.  I picked out Mr. Holstein to become Yoda's new friend.  However, a little black kitty picked my husband.  Gus decided he wanted to come home with us.
The Loveable Gus and Mr. Holstein

Two year ago Aaron was visiting his parents farm and found two mini-me's of Gus and Mr. Holstein.  The two girls were such perfect matches they were irresistible and somehow ended up in Texas.
Nina, Gus, Anna and Mr. Holstein

All five of my fuzzies have distinct personalities and are extremely entertaining.  I don't know what I would laugh at if they weren't around.  Anna Banana loves to help me tweet.  She is also very talkative and if she has something on her mind, she will sure let you know it!  Mr. Holstein and Nina love to help me feed my fish.  All you have to say is I'm feeding the fishies and they come running to "help"
Miss Nina "helping" me feed the fish
Nina and Holstein watching the fishes

So, the thing is, with the five cats, it seems like I am always posting about them on Facebook, tweeting about them, and uploading images of them on Tumblr. If that wasn't enough, I'm always pinning funny cat pictures on Pinterest.  Which makes me wonder, does that make me a crazy cat lady?  What are your thoughts?

Until Tomorrow - Melissa


  1. Nope! You are not a crazy cat lady. Speaking from experience, I can attest that you are, in fact, perfectly normal. And your cats are totally adorable and must be shown off on social networks. Love the fish food tradition! And the pic where they're sitting in front of the fan is too cute!

  2. I love showing off my babies! You just never know what they might be up to, so you need to have a camera at the ready at ALL times! I love your FB album of where Burt sleeps. I seriously think it needs to be turned into a children's book!

  3. Cats are the best! They are so entertaining. I love your cat pics!