Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nail Obsession That Is Sweeping The Nation

I was blessed with my mother's nail genes, which means I have always been able to grow nice long nails.  For most of my life, I wore them just the way nature gave them to me.  I would only paint them on very special occasions (like when I got married).

Then this thing called Pinterest came along and I saw all the colorful nail polishes that are being made now. Not to mention all the sparkle polishes, which called to my sparkle gene (Thank you Grandma Mizell).
They also have glow nail polishes!

Being inspired by all the new nail polishes I see on Pinterest, I started my own nail polish collection.  I would experiment with a dark base coat and a sparkle top coat.  It is also fun to see what happens with a dark base coat and a semi-transparent top coat. I have mixed up some pretty funky colors.

Yesterday I was in Target and I walked by an E.L.F endcap.  They had a nail polish set with four trendy colors in it for $5.00. How brilliant is that?  The set includes Nude, Smokey Brown, Party Purple and Dark Navy.  I tried on the Party Purple last night and I am LOVING it!
Elf set, $5.00

Maybe you haven't jumped on the nail polish bandwagon yet.  Well, to inspire you, here are a few of my favorite nail pics from Pinterest.
Pretty swirls

Subtle Stripes
Fun design

What is your favorite nail color?  Have your tried any designs you have seen on Pinterest? I'd love to hear what you are doing dear reader.  Happy Painting!

Until Tomorrow - Melissa

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  1. Gotta say that the nail polish designs are lovely, but I hardly have the time or coordination to paint them a solid color let alone do the cool designs LOL. Perhaps I need to print out a Pinterest board and bring it to a salon! :) Love the last one the most!