Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

Dearest Reader, Happy Friday the 13th.  Yesterday I expressed my concern that I may be turning into a Crazy Cat Lady (catch up here).  Since it is Friday the 13th, I figured I would let a few adorable black cats cross your path, namely Yoda, Gus, and Anna.  There is no bad luck with these three furry purries, unless you're a gecko that gets in the house, then you're in trouble.  Enjoy the cuteness!

Run for your lives! It's a Vampire Cat! Wait, no, it's just Gus sleeping and showing off his Missouri Mutant Cat teeth.  Since he came from Missouri, we should be thankful he has teeth at all (Genny and Mom Marcusson, feel free to send your hate mail regarding this joke)

It's an EVIL cat! Nope, just Yoda on a dresser where she isn't suppose to be.  My cats have a hard time with the rule "stay off the antiques".

Yet another rule breaker.  Anna Banana the Twitter Cat is on my 1920's coffee table.  Thanks for volunteering to dust it Anna, but I'm afraid you'll leave more fur then you dust.

Gus likes to sleep. He is so good at it he finds a number of creative positions to sleep in.  It is to bad the summer Olympics don't have a lounging competition.  Gus would win it paws down.

Would Miss Yoda like to go out with the trash? It can be arranged!

Anna looks up to Gus and is trying to mimic his rigorous lounging schedule.  Anna is seen here on top of the fish tank.

This is why Gus is the champ of lounging. He can take a nap just about anywhere, even on top of a couch cushion.  Good job Gus.

There you have it, three black cats crossed your path and you survived to tell the tale!  If you think these critters are cute, feel free to share with friends! My cats LOVE to be famous.

Until Tomorrow - Melissa

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