Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Aichmophobia is the fear of needles or pointed objects.  While I never really feared needles, I had a severe dislike of them.  I remember being very ill at the end of sixth grade and my pediatrician ordered a bunch of blood work, which had to be done at the hospital. I begged, BEGGED my mother just to take me home.  Being the good mother she is, she took me to get my blood work done.  However, as soon as they were done collecting it, I was OUT of there.  Consequently, I passed out on the way out of the hospital.

As an adult, my dislike of needles did not lessen.  I was just better able to "suck it up" and deal with the necessary evil that they are.  Blood work typically occurred at an annual check up or at the occasional visit to the doctor due to illness.  The frequency with which I had to deal with said needles changed last year (catch up with My Apologies and Answers ).  Doctor visit after doctor visit, multiple vials of blood would be taken (my personal best is still 16 in one sitting).

My excuse for not giving blood has been my dislike of needles.  And it was just that, an excuse.  If I can sit through all the diagnostic tests and whatnot that I have been through in the past year and a half, what is a little needle prick to help my fellow man?  Once again it was time to suck it up.

Last week, I decided to do some research.  Could someone with an autoimmune even donate blood?  Turns out, the only thing that raised a red flag was my daily aspirin.  It didn't exclude me, I just can't give plasma.  So I made an appointment to donate blood, an appointment I had yesterday (7/2).

It really was no big deal.  From check in to being done it took about a half hour.  The only issue I had was near the end I got really sick to my stomach.  It turns out I should have eaten breakfast (I have been conditioned to having fasting blood draws taken that I didn't even consider eating beforehand).  The staff at Carter Blood Care were quick to get me a Power Aid and I felt much better within minutes.

So what is the purpose of today's blog? To tell you what a giant baby I am? No.  The purpose is to encourage you to donate if you don't already.  Only 37% of eligible blood donors actually donate.  That is a sad statistic.  No wonder we have a blood shortage.  Did you know one pint of blood can save three people's lives?  What I donated today (one pint) can mean the difference between someone living or dying. That's huge.

For more facts about blood donation please check out this link.  It has 54 more facts plus the two I just gave you.  I hope you will consider donating if you don't already.  I did, and I survived to blog the tale.

Until Tomorrow - Melissa

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  1. That's such a wonderful thing you did! And extra awesome since you hate needles so much.

    I gave blood once... only to find out that I'm actually too small to do it safely. I became severely anemic and almost had to ask for my blood back! ;)