Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Craft Update

Happy Friday dear reader!  This has been an exciting week.  In the middle of this week I survived another revolution around the sun (I had a birthday).  I also took some time to work on some projects for me, which I will share with you today.  If you recall, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (Catch up here) the need for me to get back to being creative.

I really haven't worked on any jewelry this week (which I hope to be back out in the studio this weekend). Instead I worked on doing creative projects for myself.  The three projects I worked on this week had an antique/Victorian feel to them (since that is how my house is decorated).  The first thing I worked on was a little jar.  I had some older bottles on display, but I needed a "centerpiece" or focal point.

I wanted this jar to have a macabre feel to it, as the Victorians could be a little strange.  This jar has various pieces of moss in it with a rose and a coyote tooth.  I thought the rose and the tooth added a touch of the weird opposite each other.  My next challenge was finding a couple of finishing pieces for a space in my bathroom where an ugly yellow plastic medicine cabinet use to reside.  A few weeks ago the space had been upgraded with pretty tile and trim.  It just needed something to finish it off with a pop of color.

Enter some orchids from Hobby Lobby!  Exactly what the space needed, but exotic enough a Victorian would be pleased (notice my macabre jar in the center).  My bathroom is not quite done yet, as I have not figured out what I want for the counter top.  I've been on the hunt for a period looking tile, but I had a suggestion to use copper or stainless for the counter.  I am considering this suggestion.

Lastly, I had purchased some butterflies about 7 months ago.  Victorians were very much about surrounding themselves with nature.  I knew I wanted to do a shadow box with them, I just needed to find the right elements to display with the butterflies (as you can tell, a lot of my projects require hunting for items).  I also found these elements at Hobby Lobby this week and I put this together in the wee hours this morning.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks projects.  If you are inspired by these with your own project, as always, I'd love to see pictures of the finished project!

Until tomorrow - Melissa


  1. Great projects! You have been a busy bee! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love what you did with the medicine cabinet space! It reminds me a little of a Joseph Cornell box -- he's one of Mr. Sequin's favorite artists. :)