Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reading Is Fun

As I go through another night of not sleeping, I was about to pick up a book to read when I took a moment to ponder the action.  There was a time where you would have not found me reading a book that was not required for a class.  Shocking, I know.

As a child, I was not a big fan of reading (Unless it was Goose Goofs Off in the Sweet Pickles series, which I still have memorized).  In fact, according to my mother, if given the choice, give me math flash cards over a book any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  I actually remember being in the lower reading class in early elementary school.  I also remember (while in second grade, I believe) my mother trying to help me with reading by having me read aloud to her.  I read what I saw, which I was told was incorrect and to try again.  I remember at some point my mother becoming a little exasperated with me, because I continually did not read it correctly.  If I recall, she felt I wasn’t paying close attention to the words.  I remember being confused because I was just reading what I saw.

In the middle of third grade something must have “clicked” because I was moved from the lower reading class to the upper one (mind you, this was back in the day when schools actually taught to the student’s ability level, before we “Left No Child Behind”).  From this point on, with the exception of spelling, I was typically a straight A student (to this day, I am still a horrible speller).
Fast forward to my early 20’s.  At this point I am married to the son of an English teacher (Aaron has many other qualifications, but not relevant to this particular blog).  As the son of an English teacher, he reads books for fun (yes, I know, the horror!).  Aaron cannot understand why I don’t.  I just don’t find it fun or entertaining.  However, I decide to give it a try, in little snippets.  Enter the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  The stories in this series were short and I found them entertaining, strangely enough.  From there, I moved on to books by Janette Oke.  If you are unfamiliar, she is a Christian historical fiction writer.  I enjoyed reading Ms. Oke because her books were short and typically dealt with the settling of the western frontier.  I continued to branch out from there.

Somewhere along the line I became a rabid reader (I actually read the entire Twilight series in under a week).  I re-read books when I run out of new reading material.  I read every night.  Books have become such an integral part of my life I can’t imagine not reading.  I actually read MORE books than Aaron does now.

I believe reading has helped me become a more well-rounded person (it has certainly helped with my spelling).  It’s definitely made me a more informed person.  So, why am I blogging about this?  For one, it’s the middle of the night and it gives me something to do.  Secondly, I wish to share my reading joy.  If I can transform from a person who shrieks in horror at the thought of reading for pleasure to book worm, you can too!

Until tomorrow – Melissa

PS – I’d love to hear about your favorite books and what you’re reading now.


  1. I have ALWAYS loved to read. I got my first REAL book (by Karl May) for my 10th birthday. Naturally, I still have it! This one in particular is part of a series about an Apache Chief called Winnetou and his white blood brother Old Shatterhand. My mother used to call to me "Inge, come eat!" and I'd reply "I'll be right there!"... 10 minutes later, repeat... and repeat again...and again. I had my nose stuck in books more often than not. Went to the library to check out books on a regular basis. As I grew up and came to the US I borrowed books in English (of course) and read them with the help of a German/English dictionary... I already knew a lot of English from many years of classes at school... but drastically improved my vocabulary by leaps and bounds in this fashion. I've always been a fan of romance novels, contemporary and historical - any era is fine. For years I bought used books at the local library store... a WHOLE SHOPPING BAG FULL for ONE DOLLAR!!! However many paperbacks I could fit into the bag! Oh yeah! Eventually I gave most of those away - we filled up almost the whole Jeep Wagoneer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These days I have almost 130 books on my Kindle. So much easier for me now. I read the Hunger Games books in less than five days - only because I had to work, otherwise would have been three days or less! I don't have any favorites in any category... but the book that made the biggest impression on me is "The Living and The Dead" by Anthony Enciso. Reading that book (I've started reading the sequel) literally made my pulse race and my palms sweaty with the suspense! It's a doozy at around 900 pages(?) and the sequel is even longer...I'm gonna savor that one!

  2. Inge - Good for you! It's not easy to read in a foreign language! I wish you lived closer> I have a set on antique books in German and I'd love to know what they are.

    I know from a space standpoint, I should make the leap to Kindle or some type of tablet, but I just can't make myself do it. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I also wonder what future archeologists are going to think of our civilization should all the ones and zero's be wiped out.

    I just finished Mockingjay two nights ago and I am back to Jane Eyre. I have a couple of books already on deck after I finish Jane Eyre.

  3. I think it is awesome that you love to read! We are a reading family too, and I've instilled the love for reading with Hailey from birth, even before, because I would read to my "belly" when I was pregnant. ;) Literacy is SOOOOO important kudos to your mom for taking the time to read with you!

  4. Thanks Kim! I have an awesome mom! Both of my parents know the importance of education! The love of learning was passed on from them to me!