Friday, May 25, 2012


Today was not my typical day.  It started with a doctor appointment (which went well and I will tell you more about it in a future blog).  On my way home, I planned on stopping at my favorite antique store in downtown Garland.  It's my favorite because the owner, Karen, find the best antiques.  Karen and I are kindred spirits and our relationship has evolved a small business owner and client relationship to friends.

As I walked in the front door, I heard Karen yell from the back of the store "Hey Melissa, I need your help!"  I quickly stashed my purse and headed her direction.  This was shortly after 12:00.  Thursday is typically a slow day for Karen.  However, this was not the case today.  I'm not sure if there was something in the water or if everyone in the Metroplex decided they needed antiques today.  Karen was slammed (which yea for her, I like seeing a small business do well).  Before we knew it, it was 5:00 and time to close.

I don't know about you, but my small business depends on word of mouth and social media (insert shameless plug click here for AWESOME Jewelry ).  This means I spend a lot of my day checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites.  By the time I had dinner and discussed the day with my husband, it was 7:30.  Horror of horrors! I hadn't been on social media since 9:00 AM. And that is when the panic set in.

10 hours had passed!  That's like 1000 years in social media time.  What had I missed?  I could have gone from obscurity to "It Girl" and back to obscurity without even knowing it (okay, that's a wee bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point).  Think of all the awesome pins I had missed in those 10 hours (please, contain your gasps of shock and horror).

In my "panic" I realized I just may spend to much time on the internet.  This will require more thought and further investigation.  I may need to run an experiment in the near future and see if I can stay off Twitter and Facebook for a full 24 hours. Will my world come crashing down on me or will I survive to blog about it?  This could prove to be interesting...

While I ponder my experiment, let me share with you the coolest pin I've seen today:
I just KNEW Texas was God's country! Even the clouds agree!

Until Tomorrow - Melissa

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  1. So funny! I really should try to write up a blog about how I handle social media, being a stay at home mommy, and a mommypreneuer all at the same time. Maybe people would be interested, and here is a secret...I have a few secrets that allow me to be "there" when I'm really not. ;) Sounds like you had fun at the antique shop, probably just what the Dr ordered!

  2. Admittedly, I could keep up on my smart phone, but I hate my phone. I miss physical keys. The touch screen on my phone is heat sensitive, which really is inconvenient for someone with bad circulation. As for your social media secrets, I'd love to hear ;)

  3. I'm not as obsessed as I once was, but I have found I have a bit of a Twitter habit I can't shake. I do a good deal more social media when I have time off from work. It takes a surprising amount of time to do next to nothing all day.