Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Gus Man

Dearest Reader, I realize I have blogged about my pets before.  I blog about them because they are a big part of my life.  My pets have become a bigger part of my life since I’ve been ill.  I have jokingly made them all part of the Chrysalis Jewelry staff (read here ). They have such unique and wonderful personalities that that particular blog was a lot of fun to do.

Last night, as I suffered another sleepless night, my friend Gus was keeping me company.  Gus has always been an interesting cat, so I decided to do a blog about him (aren’t y’all so lucky!).  Gus came from my husband’s parents’ farm in Missouri.  His brother Holstein (Gus’s full name is Angus – Aaron’s parents have cattle and the bovine names seemed apt) has quite the personality, so Gus is not in the “spot light” as much as his more gregarious brother.  However, I have caught Gus on a number of occasions sleeping with his tongue out.

As I think about how Gus came to live with us, I realize it is his own unique personality that saved him from life as an outdoor farm kitty.  When we first met Gus, he was a little runty thing.  He was just a plain black kitten.  My husband enjoys fishing and takes the opportunity to do so every chance he can get when he visits his parents’ farm.  To our surprise, Gus would follow Aaron to the pond and fish with him every day.  Additionally, every time Aaron stepped out of the house, Gus would be right there.  Originally, we were just going to take Mr. Holstein home with us.  My husband was intrigued by Gus’s personality and said we should take them both.

Gus has always been a lover.  He loves to cuddle, both with his brother Holstein and us.  He is always trying to sneak into Aaron’s room so he can cuddle with Aaron.  A couple of years ago Aaron went to visit his parents and found “mini me’s” of Holstein and Gus.  Too cute to leave on the farm to possibly disappear like their two other littermates, they joined the family.  Dear Reader, if you know anything about cats, you know they typically don’t welcome newcomers with arms wide open.  It is typically quite the adjustment period, involving much hissing and spitting.  Gus took to the new kittens almost immediately.  He took on the role of “mom”.  We actually had a hard time keeping him out of the master bathroom (where we kept the girls until we could trust everyone to get along unsupervised); he usually stayed the night with the babies, cuddling up with them.

Since I’ve been home more, Gus has become my cuddle buddy.  In fact, for the past seven to eight months, he insists on sleeping at the foot of my bed.  Which is how we came to be hanging out last night.  I once again was not sleeping.  Around 3:30 this morning Gus moved from the foot closer to the head where I could pet him.  That is when a funny thing happened.  I would pet him for a little bit, but if I stopped, he would take his paw and pet my shoulder.  Then I would pet him some more, stop, and then he would pet my shoulder.  This pattern went on for quite a bit.  It was almost if he was saying “Shhhhh  Mommy, go to sleep.”

I am continually surprised and delighted at my interactions with my pets.  They are a source of joy and humor.  I am not sure what I would laugh at if it wasn’t for my crazy pets.  No wonder YouTube and Pinterest are filled with funny pet videos and pictures.  I’m not the only one who finds wonderment in her animal housemates.

Until Tomorrow – Melissa


  1. Awww thank you for sharing such a great animal story with us. Gus sounds like the our kitty, more of a human than a cat really, and a cuddler. He was a stray kitty that made his home with us. I love how you picked out their names, and I would have brought the other three home with me too. ;)

  2. They do make life around her more interesting. Gus is definitely a lover where as Mr. Holstein is more of the class clown.