Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Crafty Ideas For The Home

I'm in love with Pinterest!  There are so many cute and clever ideas on there.  A lot of the ideas also recycle/upcycle objects which I think is great!  I love repurposing objects to give them new life.  So without further adieu, I give you a few of my favorite pins!

 I love the idea of creating a chalk board inside one of your cabinets!  While a meal planning board is a great idea, why not a grocery list?  As members of the family use the last of an item, write it down.  The you can just snap a pic of it on your smart phone and voila!  Grocery list to shop with!  Of course this idea will only work with proper training of said family members.

Another cute idea using chalk board paint!  Take an old platter and give it new life by turning it into a chalk board!  I'm going to have to my eyes peeled for an old platter now!
What a great way to recycle some old mismatched buttons and make a piece of art with it!  This might make a great wedding present, taking the last initial of the newlywed couple and adding their wedding date at the bottom.  This would also make a great baby shower gift with the baby's initial.

This is such a cute idea for recycling an old barrel!  It makes for a unique conversation piece and is gorgeous to boot! I'd love to find a barrel and try this out myself!

What a great way to use antique ice tongues! Turn them into a cute paper towel holder!  I love this idea!  My readers up north may have an easier time getting their hands on antique ice tongues than I will here in Texas.  You never know, Karen (my antiques dealer) comes up with great finds!

There you have it dear reader, a few more upcycle ideas to get you going!  If you have an upcycle project you'd like to share with the class, please let me know! 

Until Tomorrow - Melissa


  1. What's for dinner is the eternal question at my house! !!

  2. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest! I'm sure they can help you out!

  3. I like the idea of the chalkboard pantry door, but I doubt my house will "get it" LOL, and we always "plan" our meals last minute. I should get better about that! I love the chalboard paint/platter combo. I'm hoping to do a big event in September and that may make a cute sign rather than going the "Banner Route". Great finds!

  4. Kim - you should see my husband's honey-do list! He keeps asking when he will be done remodeling the house. Hehehe NEVER!