Thursday, May 31, 2012

Candy For The Feet

It's no secret that I have a thing for shoes.  I even confessed to how much I love them here.  I feel it only appropriate that I share with your some shoes I have found on Pinterest.  Some may call it eye candy. I call them candy for the feet.  Enjoy!
Nice and Sparkly! I think I have a reader (cough cough Sarah) that will like these
Take a walk on the wild side with these!
Nice and lacy!
These have a great retro feel. I can see Grandma Mizell rocking these
So Steampunk!
How CUTE are these?
*Sigh* I wish I had small enough calves to pull off boots as cute as these...
I actually own these.  They are from the Justin Ladies Square Toe Gypsy Collection
 If you have some candy for the feet, please feel free to share.  As much as I love shoes, pictures of cute shoes are cheaper (and take up less closet space).

Until Tomorrow - Melissa

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