Sunday, May 13, 2012

I’m A Squirrel

Today I came to the realization that I’m a squirrel.  Not in the literal sense, I don’t have a tail and it’s been years since I climbed trees (back in my tomboy days).  I’m a squirrel in the sense that I stash items here and there.  Dear Reader, do you recall the Post-It Note commercial a few years ago where a squirrel makes notes of where all of his nuts are hidden?  I’m kind of like that, but I’m not smart enough to make myself notes.

I like to make things, to craft (which is why Hobby Lobby is one of the BEST stores on the planet).  Over the years I’ve done floral arranging, candle making, stenciling, knitting, crocheting, and most recently, jewelry making.  I have items for these crafts squirreled away, stashed all over my house.  Which is great, except when I actually want to make something and then can’t find what I need.
Believe it or not, organization is not my thing.  It never has been, and at this point, I don’t see that changing.  Projects, when set down, typically stay right where I set them.  Which is all well and good, until I get fed up and put things away.  Unfortunately, “away” is a general term.  “Stashed” would be more descriptive and true.

Case in point:  I wanted to crochet some dishcloths.  For this, I will need my cotton yarn.  The finding of this yarn should be straight forward.  I have four LARGE totes of yarn in my jewelry studio (the totes fit under my bench…don’t ask…it makes sense to me).  That would be the logical place for it.  My cotton yarn wasn’t there.  Mhhh, well, I have a DSW bag in my room with partially done projects in it, surely it’s there.  Nope.  Where else in my house do I have yarn squirreled?  Oh yeah!  My yarn basket (duh) in the living room.  Bingo, that’s where it was.

I keep telling myself I’m going to get better organized and stop stashing items.  It’s nice that I can so convincingly lie to myself.  At this point, I should know better.

Until tomorrow - Melissa

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