Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cats...not the Broadway play

This morning I was awakened by one of my five cats.  This morning it was Anna Banana, one of my youngest cats.  She's very vocal, loves to be petted and has the loudest purr known to man (I swear). Anna is one half of the Fuzzy Twins.  Her sister Nina is the other half.  My husband and I call them fuzzy's because for some reason, they never lost their kitten fuzz.  They are short hair cats in places and long hair in others.  It makes for a really cute and adorable combination.

In addition to Nina and Anna, we also have a pair of brothers name Angus (Gus) and Holstein.  Like the girls, Gus and Holstein started life as farm cats.  Holstein is marked like a holstein cow.  Gus is all black.  Our oldest cat, Yoda, we got when we move to Dallas 11 years ago.  When Yoda was a kitten, her ears were huge, making her look like the beloved Jedi Master.  We got Yoda from a rescue group, her mother was killed by a dog when she was about two weeks old.

Cats are always in my life.  From having my mothers cat TC, to my own first cat Sugar (she was all white and I was 5.  I guess my other name option could have been flour), to Cocoas I and II (you can guess what color they were), there has been a constant cat in my life.  It probably doesn't hurt that my mom is also a cat person.  I find a cats purr very comforting.

I know the cats I have are the lucky ones.  Our shelters are filled with homeless cats and dogs.  I hate that millions of good pets are destroyed each year.  It's our fault.  We humans tend to not be responsible stewards of just about everything we have.  There is a very simple solution to this problem.  Our Pets need to be spayed or neutered to prevent more unwanted kitties and puppies.  I'll get off the soap box there before I begin to sound like Bob Barker.

If you own a pet, please make sure it's spayed or neutered.  If you don't have a pet and can bring a pet into your life, please consider getting a shelter pet.  You will have a good friend for many years to come.  I'm so very glad I have the furry friends that I do.  Now, if you will excuse me, Anna Banana tells me I'm not not petting her enough.

Wishing you a purrrrrfect day.

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