Thursday, November 17, 2011


Antiques.  They are one of my favorite things.  I love going to antique stores.  It’s like going to a museum, but better, because you can touch the items.  I can lose track of time in antique stores.  My husband has learned (the hard way) you’d best eat before we go.  Once you get me in an antique store, it’s hard to get me out.
Today (Thursday) is one of my favorite days.  My favorite antique store opens for the first time in the week.  McGillicuddy’s in downtown Garland, TX is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Karen Scott is the proprietor.  I don’t know how Karen does it, but week after week she finds the coolest, most unique antiques.  If you want the really good stuff, you’d better go on Thursday.

I approach my trips to McGillicuddy’s almost like Christmas morning.  I never know what I am going to find.  It might be some interesting old books, maybe a unique piece of furniture, or possibly an old gadget (the stereoscope was one of my favorite finds).  Every room of my house has an antique from McGillicuddy’s in it.  We are even going to build an additional room onto the house because of a parlor set we found at McGillicuddy’s.

Why do I love antiques so much?  I think it is in part that I know I’m touching history.  I’m a huge history geek and I love owning pieces of history.  Antiques are also so well made.  Back in the day, things were made to last.  I know I can go to McGillcuddy’s and find pieces of furniture that will last for years to come.  A year ago next week I found a Hoosier for my kitchen.  I have made gnocchi, bread, and spaetzle on that Hoosier.  I love the amount of storage it has.  I love that, for the price I paid for it, I couldn’t have gone to Ikea or Target and gotten more storage or more charm.

Which brings me to another reason I love antiques.  What a great way to recycle!  Is there anything “greener” than reusing an existing item?  I sure don’t think so.

Well, it’s almost opening time.  I’d better go!  Happy antiquing, y’all.

 One of the many finds from McGillicuddy's.  I love this old dresser!

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