Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Keep...Learning

We all go to school from kindergarten to high school. Some of us go on to college.  I went to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  I loved school and I loved college.  I loved to learn about new and interesting things.  My interests are wide.  I love history, science, reading.  I love to learn about bizarre things and trivial things.

I graduated in 2000 and entered the workforce.  I felt a hole in my life and soon I figured out what it was.  I was no longer learning.  I thought about this and figured out that I did not need to go to school formally to continue my education.  I've always been a "crafty" person.  I think this is due in part to spending a lot of time with Grandma Mizell when I was young.  She was always doing some type of craft; most of the time it involved sparkles.

I first set out to learn crochet from Grandma Creamer.  She was a very skilled crocheter.  I was so glad I learned from Granny C (as she calls herself).  Not only was it a great bonding experience, but I discovered Granny C had learned from Great Grandma Creamer.  Now when I crochet I feel like Great Grandma is looking down on me, very pleased to be carrying on an old craft.

Next I learned knitting from my mother.  Then Grandma Mizell passed away.  In my mourning of her, I found I wanted to wear big bold sparkly jewelry like she had.  However, I couldn't find jewelry at retail that fit the ticket.  How do I obtain the jewelry I desire?  Well, I'd just have to learn!  So began my journey into learning how to make silver jewelry.

I loved it so much and enjoyed it so much my husband built me a studio.  That is how my small business of Chrysalis Jewelry began (  I knew I must continue to learn jewelry techniques to keep Chrysalis Jewelry new and fresh.  I took a lost wax casting class, which I enjoyed very much.  I would love to add it to Chrysalis, but the start up costs for lost wax are quite great.

I have now begun to learn a technique called chain maille.  All it takes is some jump rings, a couple pair of pliers, and a pattern.  Much like crochet or knitting, chain maille has many exciting patterns.  You must start out easy and work your way up to more complex patterns.  I cannot wait to extend my skills.  I get all of my jump rings at

I hope I have inspired you, my reader, to just keep learning!  Pick up a book on a subject you are interested in, watch a documentary, talk to an expert.  What ever you do....Just Keep Learning!


  1. Melissa,

    This post speaks to me so much! I'm the kind of person who never wants to stop learning. I started learning Japanese a few years back. Now I want to learn sign language and cryptology. And a million other things.

    I think it's great and refreshing that you embrace your love of learning and don't try to make yourself stick to one thing for the rest of your life. Good for you!

    We have a lot in common. I'm also a wannabe chef and jewelry maker, and I love Blue Buddha. I look forward to reading more of your posts. :)

    -- Sarah

  2. Sarah,

    I looked at your blog tonight and it does look like we have a lot in common! I am so glad Blue Buddha retweeted my tweet! Grandma Mizell would have LOVED your blog with all the sequins and sparkles. You always had to be careful when you opened her letters, as she normally stuffed them with glittery confetti and other sparkly items. I'm so glad you liked my post on learning. I believe one should never be satisfied with what they know. Thanks for the comments! Can't wait for the next Saturday Sequins post!