Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Choice Is Yours

Want to be brought down?  It's so easy these days!  Just read the news on the internet or turn on a cable news channel.  Turn on a "reality" show and watch the cast rip into each other.  Really want to get negative? Jump on a comment section of a political news story.  Just sit back and watch people tear each other to shreds.

Why have we become so negative? So crass?  What has happened to us?  Maybe a more important question is "How do we return to being a polite and civil society?"  Everyone has an opinion these days.  This is my blog, so I'm going to share my ideas.

When I started this blog, all of a few days ago, I knew there was one thing I had to do.  No matter what, no matter my mood, I want this blog to stay positive, to stay upbeat.  I want this blog to inform you, my dear reader.  I also want it to inspire.  We have so much negativity all around us.  There is only one person I can control.  That person is me.  Therefore, I will control my attitude and I choose to be as positive as possible.

The only person you control is yourself.   Do you want this world to be a positive, civil, upbeat place?  Or do you want it filled with negativity and rudeness?  The choice is yours.   Which path do you choose?

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